About us

Ciao, this is Free Walking tour Bari!

We are a passionate group of licensed tour guides whose mission is to design urban itineraries around the city of Bari in order to give you a unique experience through authentic and captivating storytelling.

We are committed to rising consciousness in tourism by positively involving travellers, the local community, the town and its spaces in our project. We are proud of bringing to Bari the concept of a free walking tour intended as an inclusive way of promoting the territory and sharing awareness.

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Genuine, friendly, enthusiastic

We are passionate about what we do. We show and let the city talk for itself in order to create bonds both with the local people and urban scenery.

Striking, lively, independent

We like to adventure off the beaten tracks, travel the world and discover its most authentic places. Through our values, we encourage a cultural model which is affordable and generative.

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Acknowledged, creative, dynamic

Bari is where we live and where we decided to work together to enforce the best practice. We believe in people who are at the heart of every initiative we take.

About Free Walking Tour

Common strategies and enhancement of individuality are the foundations of the Free Walking Tour Italia network.

Since 2016 we are proud to be part of the first Italian network of licensed tour guides that has embraced the concept of free tour and has implemented new styles of tourism. Our mission is to make the cultural heritage more accessible to everyone by redefining the concept of guided visit through the knowledge and the experience of locals. Showing the town through the eyes of those who live it everyday will help tourists to fully identify themselves with the place.

Free Walking Tour Italy network is composed of people who meet, discuss and create a tourist offer that targets travelers as well as professionals involved in this industry like tour operators.

Our vision is to rise a higher awareness in terms of accessibility to the territory – intended as a universal right to enjoy beauty, nature and knowledge – and enhance the connection between individuals and local communities.

Free Walking Tour Italia is also a platform through which you can book free or private tours and different experiences in those cities included in our network. Choose your next destination!

About Bari

Bari is one of the liveliest cities of Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Bari is worldly renowned for its characteristic light and unparalleled hospitality.

Apulia’s capital city combines a traditional spirit with a modern soul. You’ll have the chance to see them both while exploring the most authentic corners of the historic and modern centres of the city thanks to our free or customized tours.

Dive with us into the history and tales of Bari!

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