About us

Ciao, this is Free Walking tour Bari!

We are a passionate group of licensed tour guides whose mission is to design urban itineraries around the city of Bari in order to give you a unique experience through authentic and captivating storytelling.

We are committed to rising consciousness in tourism by positively involving travellers, the local community, the town and its spaces in our project. We are proud of bringing to Bari the concept of a free walking tour intended as an inclusive way of promoting the territory and sharing awareness.

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Genuine, friendly, enthusiastic

We are passionate about what we do. We show and let the city talk for itself in order to create bonds both with the local people and urban scenery.

Striking, lively, independent

We like to adventure off the beaten tracks, travel the world and discover its most authentic places. Through our values, we encourage a cultural model which is affordable and generative.

free walking tour bari unexpected lively lovely

Acknowledged, creative, dynamic

Bari is where we live and where we decided to work together to enforce the best practice. We believe in people who are at the heart of every initiative we take.

About Bari

Bari is one of the liveliest cities of Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Bari is worldly renowned for its characteristic light and unparalleled hospitality.

Apulia’s capital city combines a traditional spirit with a modern soul. You’ll have the chance to see them both while exploring the most authentic corners of the historic and modern centres of the city thanks to our free or customized tours.

Check out our blogand immerse yourself in the history and stories of Bari with us!

About Free Walking Tour Bari... our team


Warm, bubbly, and always smiling: Anna is an enthusiastic guide and co-founder of Free Walking Tour Bari!

In 2013, she obtained her tourist guide license, and in 2014, she founded Free Walking Tour Bari together with Giuseppe, her travel, work, and life companion!

Would you like to join Anna on a fantastic journey through our city? Leading our private tours in German and English, Anna shows the most authentic and lively face of Bari to travelers from all over the world.

And when she’s not busy with tours, she never misses the opportunity to take long walks along the seafront, lavish cuddles on dogs and cats, and, of course, travel.


Eclectic, dreamer, and tireless traveler: Giuseppe is not only one of the founders of Free Walking Tour Bari but also an extraordinary guide!

Giuseppe has always harbored a great passion for travel and discovery. That’s why in 2014, he created the Free Walking Tour Bari project together with Anna, his work and life partner!

A lover of adventure, Giuseppe is always ready to take on new challenges! With him, the free tours “The First,” “The Jungle,” and especially the multicultural tour #weareinlibertà were born.

Do you want to discover an authentic and vibrant Bari? Join him!


Skilled cyclist, passionate adventurer, and above all, a true Bari native: Adriano is the perfect guide to discover all the nuances of Bari and… our dialect!

Born and raised in Bari, Adriano has always loved exploring the streets of Bari Vecchia on his trusty bicycle, promoting new ideas of sustainable and responsible tourism. Since 2023, he has been part of the team, not only leading tours but also training guides and designing itineraries.

With the free tour “The First” and our private tours, he offers travelers from around the world snippets of local history, special anecdotes, and lessons in the Bari dialect! Ready? Go!


Archaeologist, teacher, and a huge lover of Bari’s focaccia: Maria is the guide who turns the history of Bari into an exciting adventure!

After graduating in Archaeology, Maria discovered her passion for tour guiding by collaborating with our friends at Free Walking Tour Italia.

Since 2017, she has been part of our team, and thanks to her, our itinerary “Bari Museums Tour” was born, offering a unique experience to discover the millennia-old history of our city.

Get ready to take notes and fill your eyes with wonder: Maria will lead you on a journey worth photographing!


Video reporter and cultural mediator: Michele creates new bridges every day between millennia-old cultures and our beloved Bari!

A native of Bari, Michele lived for many years in Beijing and since 2003 has been collaborating as a video reporter for national and international publications.

Dedicated to promoting mutual integration between different peoples in Bari, he obtained certification in the tourism sector, and in 2022 officially joined the Free Walking Tour Bari team! He speaks fluent English and Chinese! Ready for a personalized guided tour?

Put on your most comfortable shoes and follow Michele on a journey around the world… starting right from Bari!


Enterprising and enthusiastic traveler: Francesco is a guide with a thousand passions!

Born not too far from the Alps, Francesco traveled extensively between Puglia and Lombardy before settling in our city. Graduating in Humanities from the University of Bari, in 2019 he obtained his certification as a tourist guide and began collaborating with Free Walking Tour Bari.

When he’s not busy exploring Bari with his beloved tourists, Francesco dedicates himself to managing his social inclusion project.

And in his free time? Apparently, Francesco is a great lover of wines and cuisine! So don’t miss the opportunity to have him as your guide for your next food tour with us!


Creative, curious, and tireless traveler: Fabrizio is a bundle of adventure!

Born and raised in Bari, he has lived in England and explored the world far and wide… and even upwards, as he has climbed K2!

In 2016, he obtained certification as a tourist guide and joined the Free Walking Tour Bari team, quickly becoming one of the most beloved guides by travelers.

Dive into the history, anecdotes, and traditions of Bari with Mr. Sympathy, and get ready to soak up history and good humor: Fabrizio will show you a Bari like never before!


From the history of the region to the best recipe for “spaghetti all’assassina,” Fabio knows all the facets of Bari and Puglia!

Born in Castellana Grotte, a Puglian city famous for its spectacular karst caves, he has always had a great curiosity for the culture and folklore of our region. In 2018, he obtained his tourist guide license, and in 2024, he joined the Free Walking Tour Bari team.

But Fabio is not just an expert in history! Among his passions is also good cuisine, especially dishes made from simple and genuine local traditions.

Get ready to be filled with curiosity and enthusiasm, and prepare to taste all the flavors of Bari with Fabio!


Art expert, passionate about the Middle Ages, and formidable communicator: Claudia is the perfect guide for those who love to understand the present through the incredible stories of the past.

Graduating in Art History, in 2018 she obtained her tourist guide license and in 2024 became part of the Free Walking Tour Bari Team, contributing to the creation of the archaeological tour “Bari Museo Diffuso.”

In addition to Art and History, Claudia is also a huge fan of metal music and loves experimenting with digital drawing. Moreover, since 2021, she has been running her independent project called Babustoria, where she shares curiosities and anecdotes about medieval culture on Instagram.

Embark on a journey through time with Claudia, and… don’t forget pen and paper to take notes!


There is a common thread that ties being an immigration lawyer and a tour guide: being curious about everything that is different and new. With Marco, you will discover a version of Bari with a fresh and international touch.

Founder of Free Walking Tour Barletta, Marco has been a tour guide since 2018, specializing himself in: city tours, nature excursions, culinary experiences, and art-itinerary.  He is passionate about geography, traditions, nature, and his hobby is organic horticulture.

He joins the Free Walking Tour Bari team in 2024 to lead “The First” in Spanish and numerous private tours. He speaks English and Spanish fluently, as well as many regional dialects!

Ready for a thousand adventures? Vamos, Let’s go, Sciamanin!

About Free Walking Tour... our partners

Common strategies and valorization of uniqueness are the foundations of the network

Free Walking Tour Bari is happily member of the Free Tour Community, a global network of tourist operators, local and independent, who adopt the “pay what you want” model.

The goal is to make cultural heritage accessible to everyone, redefining guided tours through the knowledge of those who live there.

The partners of FTC are committed to offering high-quality cultural experiences and spreading the concept of “free tour” worldwide.
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Since 2016, we are proud to be part of the first Italian network of licensed tour guides that has embraced the concept of free tours to create new forms of tourism.

The Free Walking Tour Italia network is made up of individuals who come together, discuss, and create a tourist proposal aimed at travelers and tourism operators.

Free Walking Tour Italia is also a platform for booking free tours, private tours, and experiences in the various cities that are part of the network.
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